I Have the Guaranteed Solution for Improving Your Golf Game, Getting You Fit and Healthy, and Keeping You Injury and Pain Free!

At Tulsa Golf Fitness you can learn the FITNESS SECRETS Top PGA Professionals use that are GUARANTEED to improve your golf game!

From the desk of: Clint Howard, Tulsa Fitness Systems


Dear Golf Enthusiast:

You love a good round of golf, but are you giving your game everything you can? If you’re one of those people who loves golf and wants to improve your game, maybe it’s time you start looking at what you can do to condition yourself off the course instead of just focusing on what you do on the course to improve your game.

My name is Clint Howard and I’m the founder and director of Tulsa Golf Fitness, located in Tulsa, OK. As an avid golfer with a passion for fitness, I’ve worked through the years to perfect my golf game while staying in the best shape I can.

I learned early on that to perform at your best on the golf course, it wasn’t enough to only be stronger and just exercise to build more muscle.  Traditional weight training and exercises won’t cut it when it comes to improving your golf game and keeping you healthy and injury-free. You not only need to be in better overall physical shape, but you must also perform certain golf-specific exercises and stretches to create a more powerful, accurate, and reproducible swing. A more fit, fully functional body can and will produce a more optimal golf swing.

I’m an Exercise Physiologist and a Certified Golf Fitness Expert through the prestigious Titleist Performance Institute.  Unlike other fitness trainers in traditional gyms, Tulsa Golf Fitness is the perfect program if you have a passion for golf and a strong interest in improving your performance on the golf course!

We don’t offer you a generic workout.  You’ll get the same specialized training that the Top PGA Professionals use!

As you age, you will naturally lose muscle, along with strength and power if you don’t exercise properly to prevent it.  It only makes sense that with a loss of strength and power, even a consistent golfer would lose distance in their drive.  That can be downright depressing.  No one wants their game to get worse and get out-driven by all their buddies.

The Top PGA Professionals know that fitness plays a major factor in how well their golf game is played.

If you don’t have the proper strength, power, mobility, stability, flexibility, and stamina it will show in your golf game.  The best golfers in the world make fitness and injury prevention a high priority- shouldn’t you do the same?

If you’re happy with your golf game and your current fitness level, great, you may not need me.  You can keep playing and enjoying the game.

But since you’re reading this, that means you’re probably looking for a way to not only get yourself in shape, but improve your performance on the golf course.

If you want to get fit the right way so you can drive the ball farther, improve the consistency of your game, and lower your scores, then golf conditioning at Tulsa Golf Fitness can help you!

Train Like the Top Golf Pros and Revolutionize Your Body and Golf Swing

Tulsa Golf Fitness offers two very unique and highly effective golf training programs guaranteed to fit into even the busiest schedule.

1st Golf Fitness Small Group Training: Our BulletProof Your Body Program works in conjunction with the Titleist Performance Institute golf assessment/screen to give you the most comprehensive golf-specific fitness program available.  Top PGA Tour Professionals use the same golf fitness and performance programs that Tulsa Golf Fitness uses, so you know you’re getting the best there is to offer!

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the game or you’ve been golfing for years.  We offer 3 different levels of training and you’ll advance in each level as you progress.  No matter where you are on the fitness ladder, you’ll have fun while you improve your golf game significantly.

Your golf-specific exercise program will incorporate:

  • TPI Golf Fitness Screen/Evaluation every other month
  • Flexibility and mobility training
  • Power and strength training
  • Balance and stability training
  • Core strength training
  • Proper cardiovascular conditioning for golfers
  • Special Nutrition Report- “What to Eat to Play Your Best”

2nd Online Golf Fitness Coaching Program: This program is tailor made for the busy professional who travels and doesn’t have flexibility in their schedule to commit to our training program on a regular basis.  Our online support provides done-for-you workout programs along with accountability and coaching.

You’ll get a specifically designed workout program with golf-specific exercises and stretches, but you’ll do them on your own with our online support.

If you have the discipline to follow a workout program on your own, with monthly online exercise program design, guidance, and support, our Online Golf Fitness Coaching program is perfect for your needs.  It follows the same proven method of training as our Group Training Program, but it can be done in the privacy of your own home or on the road while you travel.

As long as you have the determination to stick to the program and can be accountable to yourself to follow the program consistently, you will succeed.  It’s very budget friendly and the most flexible program we offer.

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    Learn the fitness secrets that are guaranteed to improve your game significantly!

  • Drop strokes off your score
  • Develop laser-like precision
  • Generate much higher club head speed
  • Add 15-40 yards to your drives
  • Increase your energy and stamina
  • Minimize & even eliminate your risk of injury
  • Get in amazing shape, for both on and off the course
  • Improve your overall game and play like a pro!

At Tulsa Golf Fitness, you’ll get cutting-edge training at 1/3 the cost of what you’d pay to hire a one-on-one personal trainer.

Receive expert professional training designed specifically for improving your game and keeping you looking good and injury and pain-free. You’ll know exactly what to do and how to properly do it while working out directly under our guidance and supervision.  No guessing and no wrong decisions.  You’ll get tons of coaching and support and be held accountable with our bi-monthly golf fitness screenings and evaluations so you can stay on track with your fitness goals.

  • Have more energy
  • Decrease nagging aches and pains that plague most golfers
  • Minimize your risk of injury
  • Improve your concentration and mental acuity
  • Learn what to eat while on the course
  • Get our nutritional guide with meal plans & healthy recipes
  • Learn the fitness secrets to better your game!

I believe 100% in the programs that Tulsa Golf Fitness offers clients.  But I realize you may need more than my assurance.  That’s why your investment is 100% protected by my MONEY-BACK Guarantee!


No matter where you are in your golf game, or your current fitness level, you’ll have fun, advance your golf performance on the course and improve your health and fitness using the same physical assessment tools, golf fitness exercises and performance programs that the Top PGA Tour Professionals use.

Tulsa Golf Fitness is the only fitness center in the area that has a spacious 5000 sq ft training facility and works in conjunction with Titleist Performance Institute to bring you the most comprehensive golf fitness program available.

Isn’t it time you got yourself healthy and fit?

Wouldn’t you enjoy improving your game and playing like a pro?

If so, then CLICK HERE to join the Tulsa Golf Fitness introductory BulletProof Your Body Program or call 918-296-7418 to get started.

I’m waiting for your call.  Remember, you’re fully protected by our 100%  money-back guarantee, so you can’t lose!  Register for the BulletProof Your Body Program or the Online Golf Fitness Coaching today.


Clint Howard

Tulsa Fitness Systems

PS. You won’t find another golf fitness program like the one the Top PGA Professionals use anywhere else in the Tulsa area.  We’ll help you increase your competitive play, hit more accurate shots, and crush the ball much farther when you join our golf fitness training program.

And if your schedule doesn’t allow you to commit to regular training, our Online Golf Fitness Coaching Program will give you everything you need to improve, get stronger, and be fit so you can play like a professional!  Join Tulsa Golf Fitness today!